Kabir turned TWO

27/10/2016 a little bundle of joy came Into my life my son the little me.

I still can’t believe it’s been two years . They really grow up so fast. 

How I feel ?

I feel happy and emotional like most of the mothers. I feel happy as this little man bring happiness to everyday of my life with his mischiefs his love his laugh .

I feel emotional as now I feel that he is not so little like he was two years before and this feeling I will get on his every birthday . 

His Birthday !

Kabir birthday was on 27 October we decided to celebrate only with close knit family and friends . As the same day was karvachauth fast festival so we decided to clebrate on 26 night.

But god has some other plans my parents came all the way from saharanpur in 25. And on 26 early morning my father became really unwell he was hospitalised and was there for 3 days . So we didn’t celebrate and was really worried for our father. He is well now thank to god .

So what I learnt from it no matter how much planning you do sometimes things don’t go according to plans. Thus we should live every moment of our life.

At last when my dad was well we did a family dinner after some days and cut the cake also.

I also booked a photo shoot for him from which I will be sharing the pictures.

Kabir From one year to two year

When he was one :

And now he is two

Well it’s a drastic change for me. Ok so whosoever says that little babies are difficult to take care are all wrong I think they become more difficult when they are toddlers . I literally don’t get time for anything . He is everyday high on energy. Making mess all day long . Want to go out everyday. He has become so naughty. That fake tantrums when his wishes are not completed I don’t know where they learn all that from. Well it’s fun and hectic too. 

Visit to a wedding in Punjab !

Hello people!

I know it’s not wedding season but yet some people are getting married everyday.

So there was a wedding in Amritsar on 23 of July from my inlaws side . I my husband and kabir went to attend the wedding .

We decided to go by air as from Gurgaon to Amritsar by road it takes almost 9 to 10 hrs and this much of road journey I can’t do with an active toddler . So the other option was by train but we dropped it too as station too is far away and we have to go only for one day.

So finally we went by air . So I will like to tell you Amritsar flight tickets are very reasonable and it is only a one hour flight.

We went by airindia and we didn’t do online check in so we we were not able to get seats together and it was a very bad experience as nobody adjusted in the flight too saying it’s only one hour flight. Generally kabir travels very smoothly by air but this time as we were not sitting together he cried like hell in the whole flight duration .

At last we reached Amritsar and we have booked holiday inn which is only 15 to 18 mins far from airport. This is my second time I stayed in holiday inn Amritsar , I really liked there rooms , hospitality and location it’s in the middle of city. If travelling Amritsar do check holiday inn on trip adviser or any other online booking website . The room rates are very reasonable here.

At night we went to attend the wedding . The wedding was huge and beautiful everyone was dancing eating drinking.

And I was running after my toddler . Here are some pics from the wedding.
After returning from the wedding I was caught with throat pain  and fever. Next day we have kept to visit golden temple as our flight was in evening . But I was so unwell that we visited golden temple in a hurry as Amritsar trip is never complete if you don’t visit golden temple. After that we had lunch at brother’s dhaba which is the most famous joint to eat in Amritsar. After lunch we quickly return back to hotel and packed our luggage and went to the airport.

This time we got the seats together. And it was a smooth flight kabir was sleeping in the flight .

I was unwell till three days after returning back.

So things never go as we planned. We have to go with flow.

Palmer’s olive oil range review …..

Few days back I was invited to a mom bloggers event. The event was organised by funderland and palmer’s. 

Till now I only know about palmers cocoa butter and palmers stretch mark cream. But they have so wide range of amazing products which I was not aware of.

In this post I am sharing review of products I got that day as goodies .

1. Palmer’s Olive oil smoothing shampoo : This shampoo I am currently using and for sure it makes my frizzy hair smooth. It has extra virgin olive oil cold pressed.


*Smooths out frizzy hair.

*Makes hair healthier and strong .

*Makes scalp healthier.

*Replenishes moisture and nutrients.

It has no sulfates, no parabens, no phthalates, no mineral oil, no gluten .

2. Palmer’s olive oil replenishing conditioner : Your hair will get the best results if shampoo is used with this conditioner. It has so amazing and natural fragrance.

3. Palmer’s Olive oil body lotion: I used to apply olive oil all over my body in winters but in summers I don’t apply as it becomes sticky even after shower. But this lotion is perfect to use in summers as well as in winters . It is non sticky give moisture to body . 

It is formulated with a unique anti aging peptide complex. Your skin will feel soothed and softened after applying this lotion.

It has a very light natural fragrance .

So overall I love this range of products by palmer’s.

Seer secrets SPF 21 Milk lotion review….

Sunscreen is a must in every season of the year. So I have been using this sunscreen lotion from past few days .

In this post I will be sharing my experience of using the Seer Secrets SPF 21 milk lotion.

The most important thing I like about this product is that it comes in spray bottle , this makes it very easy to apply everywhere in ample amount.This spf 21 milk lotion has a silky, alcohol free formula that provides broad spectrum sun protection.

What it claims?

*A long lasting formula which has been tinted with iron oxidant to narrow down a white cast to match natural ethnic skin tone.

*It works to dry body acne.

* Improves overall sun protection and other pollution related hazards.

* Hydrates your skin and makes it more smooth.

* The SPF 21 in this milk lotion is a significant benefit as it decreases the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging.

Ingredients :


*Lotion base



*Ferric oxide red

*Micronised zinc oxide

* Titanium oxide

*Vitamin E

*Vitamin A

*Chironji oil

*Carrot Seed oil

*Rosewood oil


*Geranium essential oil
How to use?

Apply at least 15 minutes before sun exposure. Spray evenly onto skin from neck down and massage into skin. Do not spray directly on face, spray first in palm and use fingers to apply on your face.
Price : Rs. 459

It is easily available on Amazon .

Organix mantra EPOSM Salt review

Do you love natural products?

So this brand has got this EPOSM salt for you which can be used for various purpose in your day to day life.

What is EPOSM Salt 

EPOSM Salt is chemically known as magnesium sulphate. 

Epsom salt has been traditionally used as a component of bath salts. Epsom salt can also be used as a beauty product. Athletes use it to soothe sore muscles, while gardeners use it to improve crops. It has a variety of other uses: for example, Epsom salt is also effective in the removal of splinters.

Uses of Organixmantra EPOSM Salt :

1. Bath And Spa : It can be used in your bath and spa routine. Just add 2 cups of EPOSM Salt to warm water . Settle in and soak for 15 to 20 minutes to help relieve stress and stiffness.

2. Shower : Exfoliate and soften skin in the shower by mixing a handful of EPOSM Salt with a spoon of shower gel or olive oil and massage on to wet skin .

3. Foot Soak :  It helps in getting beautiful feet and also help in getting relieve from foot pain. Mix one cup of Eposm salt with warm water in a foot bath also you can add few drops of tea tree oil.

4. Garden : It can be used in your garden for your plants too. Add 1 tablespoon of EPOSM salt to 5 litres of water and apply as a spray for your plants.
It is 100% pure and unscented premium EPOSM salt.
It is easily available on amazon .

Price : 1 kg for Rs 399

Organix mantra essential oils review…..

Pure Essential oils are a must these days . So many essential oils are available in market these days . You can chose your favourite fragrance and according to your needs. 
I got these two essential oils from organix mantra

1. Lavender

2. Tea tree

1. Lavender organix mantra essential oil:

I am simply loving this lavender essential oil. It has so natural fragrance of lavender . It is so soothing and calm. 
How to use :

* put 3 to 5 drops in any diffuser and your room will be filled with fragrance of lavender.

* Add a few drops to your pillow, it really help people dealing from sleeplessness.

* Also you can use in a vaporiser to clear nasal passages.

* If you want to use on skin never use it directly, always dilute one or two drops in coconut oil / jojoba oil.
Ingredients :

* 100% pure steam distilled lavender oil extracted from the leaves.

* Flowers and other part of herb
2. TEA Tree Oil : I have tried first time tea tree essential oil . It’s aroma is amazing . So natural like you are among the trees . It really has a very natural fragrance with spice backnotes.This oil is very helplful in treating acne.

How to use:

*Put some drops in a diffuser filled with water. Helps in aromatherapy.

*Can be used on your hair. Add some drops in cocunut oil and massage on your scalp. This helps to strengthen hair and treating dandruff.

*Add few drops with lavender essential oil , can help relieve in skin inflammation.

*Dilute in water and gargle helps in preventing soar throat.

Ingredients :

* This oil is extracted using steam distillation from hand harvested tea tree leaves of the tree botanically known as Melaleuca Alternifolia.
These oils are easily available on amazon .

Price :  Rs. 349 for 15 ml

Shell life : 2 years from the date of manufacturing .

Kidzania blog- visit to Kidzania

What is Kidzania?
Kidzania is an indoor and educational theme park for kids. It is based on real role play activities. It is built like a city with its own currency.

About my experience :

So I visited Kidzania on 13 may with my husband and son. It is located in noida near to GIP mall . It’s very easy to locate. 

Below two years kid has free entry and anybody else visiting have to buy tickets , price of ticket is different for kids adults and senior citizin . You can check on their website.

About safety and security:

1. Security Braclets : On arrival at KidZania, both child and accompanying adult will receive a bracelet to wear around their wrist with a UHF & a VHF radio frequency antenna and mapped to a high-end software developed as an integral part of a security system. Using this feature, the child’s bracelet is linked to the adult’s bracelet, so that they always know where their children are. Also the child or any one member of the group can never exit Kidzania without authorisation.

2. Controlled Access : A team of professional and highly trained guards from reputed agencies man various parts of the facility including: all entry and exits, emergency exits and strategic places. All our guards are subject to mandatory police verification.

3. CCTV camera and control room : The complete facility is monitored by 190 CCTV cameras, which are placed in strategic locations across the center and linked to the Building Management System for the safety and security of our visitors.

4. Fire Safety : fire extinguishers placed throughout the facility along with smoke detectors, heat detectors, beam detectors, aspirational air samplers, fire hydrants, automated sprinkler system and an addressable fire panel system. Evacuation plans are available throughout the facility for quick access.

5. First aid : First aid and doctors are available if you are in need. 

General Activities in which your kid will perform role play :

1. Acting academy

2. Air conditioning

3. Hospital

4. Aviation academy

5. Biscuit factory

6. Bank

7. Burger shop

8. Candy shop

9. Fire department

10. Fashion boutique

11. Pizza shop

12. Police department

13. Supermarket

14. Supreme Court

And many many more activities for your kids.

Adult Activities

1. You could simply relax at pepperfry parents lounge, you could track your kids by sitting in the lounge by the braclets so you don’t have to run after them.

2. Role play activities : In some activities you could also take part with your kids .

3. Parents could also participate as a spectator like a customer, audiance, hosts.

Brand partners activity 

Now certain brands have tie up with Kidzania which have their own activity regarding their product some them listed below: 

1. Adidas

2. Amiown preschool

3. Amity university 

4. Bajaj Electricals

5. Big bazar

6. Dettol

7. Dominos

8. DHL

9. Dunkin donuts

10. Frooti

11. Kinder joy 

12. Maruti Suzuki

13. Patle

14. Pepperfry

15. I G L

16. Kellogg’s chocos

And many more of them….

Overall it was a wonderful expierance visiting Kidzania . If you live in delhi , gurgaon or noida and have kids do visit this place. You will have a nice family time. And above all these type of activities are good for your kid .

I will surely visit it again and suggest to every parent to take your kids there.

Happy mother’s Day !

What does being a mother mean to you?

It means I want to be a mother like my mummy.

Motherhood to me ?

I will say it is just the start of my journey as a mother. I will be a better mother everyday . Motherhood is like you want some alone time without kids but when you are alone for some time you start missing your kids. It’s the irony of motherhood .

Today this blog is dedicated to my mother .

My mother is very special to me. She is just not my mom , she is my friend my soulmate my everything. I am blessed to have a mother like her. 

She is the best counsellor for me whenever I am in doubt . As I am married I live far away from my mother so talking to her in a day makes me happy no matter how much problems you have a conversation with your mother gives you positive energy and happiness. I think many of people will agree on this.

When I become mother I got many personal problems regarding inlaws and health but my mother was there in my every down moment . It’s because of her I was able to raise my son well in initial days . But you know what no one understands what a mother do for her child specially the inlaws . If a mother helps her daughter in pregnancy and taking care of the baby inlaws always think that’s the duty of girl’s mother. No that’s not her duty, she only do for the love for her daughter. And no one even thank her for what she do in helping , so today and everyday I thank my mom for being there with me not only me but your three children in every phase of life.

For making us so strong so that we could always stand for what is true and not always follow the society.

For equally loving your all children.
I just want to be a mother like you,

So simple,

So beautiful,

So honest,

So loving,

So innocent,

So strong,
Words are not enough to describe your strengths mom.
That’s it it’s a small token of love on my blog for my mother.
Every mother is special !

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers !

Roop Mantra Ayurvedic cream review …

Ayurvedic product are always my favourite. From some days I am using this roop mantra Ayurvedic cream. I have acne problems by using this cream my acne is almost gone and I can really feel the results .
This cream is used for skin problems for your face. It has all natural ingredients. 
It is used for protecting and healing:

* Acne

* Pimples

* Boils

* Skin infections 

If you are looking for a nice cream for your face but then you can try this Ayurveda solution for your skin .
Ingredients :

* Aloe Vera

* Tulsi

* Apple

* Lemon

* Cucumber

* Almond

* Neem

* Sandalwood

How to apply –

Massage gently on clean face twice a day.

You can order this cream from @amazondotin

Satthwa premium hair oil review ….

Everyone go through from hair problems nowadays. Either hair fall, dandruff or white hairs. I always keep trying different products for my hair as I have long hair.
Oils are very essential part of your hair care. You should apply hair oil at least two times a week.
Today I am sharing my experience of using Satthwa hair oil. I have been using this from 3 weeks and I can really feel the results. 

How to use :

Apply oil on scalp and massage it for 3 to 4 minutes . Leave it for overnight and wash with alcohol and sulphate free shampoo for best results.

Use this oil two times a week and for 3 to 4 months for best results.

Ingredients of this oil :

* Almond oil

* Castor oil

* Coconut oil 

* Grape seed oil

* Emu oil

* Amla oil

* Jojoba oil

* Vitamin E

* Olive oil

What it is used for

* It slows premature greying of hair.

* Promotes hair growth.

* Prevents dandruff.

* Reduces hair fall.
So if you are going through any of hair concerns this oil is best option for you.
Price : Rs. 599 for 100 ml bottle

It is easily available on amazondotin