TriShula edible spoons review ….

Can you eat your spoon?

Yes yes I can . You heard it right I can eat my spoon.

Trishula has introduced these edible spoons which you can use for eating your meals and also you can eat the spoons as a snack too.

These spoons are made of multigrain flour, salt, water and different types of natural spices.

What the spoons states:

1. It has no preservatives .

2. No added sugar.

3. No concentrates.

4. No artificial flavours.

I got these spoons in six flavours:
1. Plain

2. Chocolate 

3. Masala

4. Ajwain

5. Black pepper

6. Mint

These spoons are best alternative to plastic spoons. You can use in your home , for your kids. You can use while travelling .

It is a very healthy option to have your meals. I tried eating both cold and hot servings with and spoon didn’t melt.I tasted all the flavours of the spoons they all were really good . I like the most are chocolate and mint.

If you want to try something different or healthy just try Trishula Spoons.

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