Happy mother’s Day !

What does being a mother mean to you?

It means I want to be a mother like my mummy.

Motherhood to me ?

I will say it is just the start of my journey as a mother. I will be a better mother everyday . Motherhood is like you want some alone time without kids but when you are alone for some time you start missing your kids. It’s the irony of motherhood .

Today this blog is dedicated to my mother .

My mother is very special to me. She is just not my mom , she is my friend my soulmate my everything. I am blessed to have a mother like her. 

She is the best counsellor for me whenever I am in doubt . As I am married I live far away from my mother so talking to her in a day makes me happy no matter how much problems you have a conversation with your mother gives you positive energy and happiness. I think many of people will agree on this.

When I become mother I got many personal problems regarding inlaws and health but my mother was there in my every down moment . It’s because of her I was able to raise my son well in initial days . But you know what no one understands what a mother do for her child specially the inlaws . If a mother helps her daughter in pregnancy and taking care of the baby inlaws always think that’s the duty of girl’s mother. No that’s not her duty, she only do for the love for her daughter. And no one even thank her for what she do in helping , so today and everyday I thank my mom for being there with me not only me but your three children in every phase of life.

For making us so strong so that we could always stand for what is true and not always follow the society.

For equally loving your all children.
I just want to be a mother like you,

So simple,

So beautiful,

So honest,

So loving,

So innocent,

So strong,
Words are not enough to describe your strengths mom.
That’s it it’s a small token of love on my blog for my mother.
Every mother is special !

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers !

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