Organix mantra essential oils review…..

Pure Essential oils are a must these days . So many essential oils are available in market these days . You can chose your favourite fragrance and according to your needs. 
I got these two essential oils from organix mantra

1. Lavender

2. Tea tree

1. Lavender organix mantra essential oil:

I am simply loving this lavender essential oil. It has so natural fragrance of lavender . It is so soothing and calm. 
How to use :

* put 3 to 5 drops in any diffuser and your room will be filled with fragrance of lavender.

* Add a few drops to your pillow, it really help people dealing from sleeplessness.

* Also you can use in a vaporiser to clear nasal passages.

* If you want to use on skin never use it directly, always dilute one or two drops in coconut oil / jojoba oil.
Ingredients :

* 100% pure steam distilled lavender oil extracted from the leaves.

* Flowers and other part of herb
2. TEA Tree Oil : I have tried first time tea tree essential oil . It’s aroma is amazing . So natural like you are among the trees . It really has a very natural fragrance with spice backnotes.This oil is very helplful in treating acne.

How to use:

*Put some drops in a diffuser filled with water. Helps in aromatherapy.

*Can be used on your hair. Add some drops in cocunut oil and massage on your scalp. This helps to strengthen hair and treating dandruff.

*Add few drops with lavender essential oil , can help relieve in skin inflammation.

*Dilute in water and gargle helps in preventing soar throat.

Ingredients :

* This oil is extracted using steam distillation from hand harvested tea tree leaves of the tree botanically known as Melaleuca Alternifolia.
These oils are easily available on amazon .

Price :  Rs. 349 for 15 ml

Shell life : 2 years from the date of manufacturing .

2 thoughts on “Organix mantra essential oils review…..

  1. Akanksha says:

    I love anti bacterial properties of tea tree oil . Lavender oil is so soothing and calming to senses. I would love to try these essential oils.

    Liked by 1 person

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