Visit to a wedding in Punjab !

Hello people!

I know it’s not wedding season but yet some people are getting married everyday.

So there was a wedding in Amritsar on 23 of July from my inlaws side . I my husband and kabir went to attend the wedding .

We decided to go by air as from Gurgaon to Amritsar by road it takes almost 9 to 10 hrs and this much of road journey I can’t do with an active toddler . So the other option was by train but we dropped it too as station too is far away and we have to go only for one day.

So finally we went by air . So I will like to tell you Amritsar flight tickets are very reasonable and it is only a one hour flight.

We went by airindia and we didn’t do online check in so we we were not able to get seats together and it was a very bad experience as nobody adjusted in the flight too saying it’s only one hour flight. Generally kabir travels very smoothly by air but this time as we were not sitting together he cried like hell in the whole flight duration .

At last we reached Amritsar and we have booked holiday inn which is only 15 to 18 mins far from airport. This is my second time I stayed in holiday inn Amritsar , I really liked there rooms , hospitality and location it’s in the middle of city. If travelling Amritsar do check holiday inn on trip adviser or any other online booking website . The room rates are very reasonable here.

At night we went to attend the wedding . The wedding was huge and beautiful everyone was dancing eating drinking.

And I was running after my toddler . Here are some pics from the wedding.
After returning from the wedding I was caught with throat pain  and fever. Next day we have kept to visit golden temple as our flight was in evening . But I was so unwell that we visited golden temple in a hurry as Amritsar trip is never complete if you don’t visit golden temple. After that we had lunch at brother’s dhaba which is the most famous joint to eat in Amritsar. After lunch we quickly return back to hotel and packed our luggage and went to the airport.

This time we got the seats together. And it was a smooth flight kabir was sleeping in the flight .

I was unwell till three days after returning back.

So things never go as we planned. We have to go with flow.