Kabir turned TWO

27/10/2016 a little bundle of joy came Into my life my son the little me.

I still can’t believe it’s been two years . They really grow up so fast. 

How I feel ?

I feel happy and emotional like most of the mothers. I feel happy as this little man bring happiness to everyday of my life with his mischiefs his love his laugh .

I feel emotional as now I feel that he is not so little like he was two years before and this feeling I will get on his every birthday . 

His Birthday !

Kabir birthday was on 27 October we decided to celebrate only with close knit family and friends . As the same day was karvachauth fast festival so we decided to clebrate on 26 night.

But god has some other plans my parents came all the way from saharanpur in 25. And on 26 early morning my father became really unwell he was hospitalised and was there for 3 days . So we didn’t celebrate and was really worried for our father. He is well now thank to god .

So what I learnt from it no matter how much planning you do sometimes things don’t go according to plans. Thus we should live every moment of our life.

At last when my dad was well we did a family dinner after some days and cut the cake also.

I also booked a photo shoot for him from which I will be sharing the pictures.

Kabir From one year to two year

When he was one :

And now he is two

Well it’s a drastic change for me. Ok so whosoever says that little babies are difficult to take care are all wrong I think they become more difficult when they are toddlers . I literally don’t get time for anything . He is everyday high on energy. Making mess all day long . Want to go out everyday. He has become so naughty. That fake tantrums when his wishes are not completed I don’t know where they learn all that from. Well it’s fun and hectic too. 

14 thoughts on “Kabir turned TWO

  1. prismaroundgurjeet says:

    Happy birthday to little champ, and congratulation to proud mom. He look so cute. It’s not matter when u celebrate, matter is all goes well in the end


  2. uttpalkhot says:

    OMG!! he is so expressive and natural. I could not help seeing each pic a few times. Belated birthday greetings Kabir. Stay blessed.. 🙂


  3. Haha! That’s the start of ‘terrible two’ year! But I completely agree kids just become difficult and learn to throw some big curve balls. As for the birthday, things don’t go as per plan always but all is well that ends well.


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