Satthwa premium hair oil review ….

Everyone go through from hair problems nowadays. Either hair fall, dandruff or white hairs. I always keep trying different products for my hair as I have long hair.
Oils are very essential part of your hair care. You should apply hair oil at least two times a week.
Today I am sharing my experience of using Satthwa hair oil. I have been using this from 3 weeks and I can really feel the results. 

How to use :

Apply oil on scalp and massage it for 3 to 4 minutes . Leave it for overnight and wash with alcohol and sulphate free shampoo for best results.

Use this oil two times a week and for 3 to 4 months for best results.

Ingredients of this oil :

* Almond oil

* Castor oil

* Coconut oil 

* Grape seed oil

* Emu oil

* Amla oil

* Jojoba oil

* Vitamin E

* Olive oil

What it is used for

* It slows premature greying of hair.

* Promotes hair growth.

* Prevents dandruff.

* Reduces hair fall.
So if you are going through any of hair concerns this oil is best option for you.
Price : Rs. 599 for 100 ml bottle

It is easily available on amazondotin