Kidzania blog- visit to Kidzania

What is Kidzania?
Kidzania is an indoor and educational theme park for kids. It is based on real role play activities. It is built like a city with its own currency.

About my experience :

So I visited Kidzania on 13 may with my husband and son. It is located in noida near to GIP mall . It’s very easy to locate. 

Below two years kid has free entry and anybody else visiting have to buy tickets , price of ticket is different for kids adults and senior citizin . You can check on their website.

About safety and security:

1. Security Braclets : On arrival at KidZania, both child and accompanying adult will receive a bracelet to wear around their wrist with a UHF & a VHF radio frequency antenna and mapped to a high-end software developed as an integral part of a security system. Using this feature, the child’s bracelet is linked to the adult’s bracelet, so that they always know where their children are. Also the child or any one member of the group can never exit Kidzania without authorisation.

2. Controlled Access : A team of professional and highly trained guards from reputed agencies man various parts of the facility including: all entry and exits, emergency exits and strategic places. All our guards are subject to mandatory police verification.

3. CCTV camera and control room : The complete facility is monitored by 190 CCTV cameras, which are placed in strategic locations across the center and linked to the Building Management System for the safety and security of our visitors.

4. Fire Safety : fire extinguishers placed throughout the facility along with smoke detectors, heat detectors, beam detectors, aspirational air samplers, fire hydrants, automated sprinkler system and an addressable fire panel system. Evacuation plans are available throughout the facility for quick access.

5. First aid : First aid and doctors are available if you are in need. 

General Activities in which your kid will perform role play :

1. Acting academy

2. Air conditioning

3. Hospital

4. Aviation academy

5. Biscuit factory

6. Bank

7. Burger shop

8. Candy shop

9. Fire department

10. Fashion boutique

11. Pizza shop

12. Police department

13. Supermarket

14. Supreme Court

And many many more activities for your kids.

Adult Activities

1. You could simply relax at pepperfry parents lounge, you could track your kids by sitting in the lounge by the braclets so you don’t have to run after them.

2. Role play activities : In some activities you could also take part with your kids .

3. Parents could also participate as a spectator like a customer, audiance, hosts.

Brand partners activity 

Now certain brands have tie up with Kidzania which have their own activity regarding their product some them listed below: 

1. Adidas

2. Amiown preschool

3. Amity university 

4. Bajaj Electricals

5. Big bazar

6. Dettol

7. Dominos

8. DHL

9. Dunkin donuts

10. Frooti

11. Kinder joy 

12. Maruti Suzuki

13. Patle

14. Pepperfry

15. I G L

16. Kellogg’s chocos

And many more of them….

Overall it was a wonderful expierance visiting Kidzania . If you live in delhi , gurgaon or noida and have kids do visit this place. You will have a nice family time. And above all these type of activities are good for your kid .

I will surely visit it again and suggest to every parent to take your kids there.